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May 25, 2018
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Ducati Diavel Racing Side License Number Plate Holder Kit



Side license plate holder kit Ducati 969a10310c

With a plate machined from solid aluminium and LED lighting, the Ducati Performance racing number plate holder is an original and exclusive piece of equipment specially made for the Diavel. The lateral positioning leaves the 240 mm rear tyre in full view, allowing its massive size to be fully appreciated.

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Ducati Diavel racing side license number plate holder kit 969A10310C
Exclusive Ducati Performance lateral number plate holder with plate machined from billet aluminium. Designed to enhance the Diavel rear side, it includes number plate light and hardware for assembly.

Approved for road circulation in US only; not compatible with the rear stand for lock-up Part no. 96797310B
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Weight 3 lbs
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Fender Eliminator

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