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May 25, 2018
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Ducati Frame Slider Kit By Speedymoto 03 Current 749S 749R 999 999S 999R


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 Through The Body Frame Sliders by SpeedyMoto offer the protection your body needs.

  • The SpeedyMoto frame slider kit includes an extremely durable chromoly steel engine bolt. Precision-ground, thread-formed and quenched and tempered to an aircraft grade tensile strength of 185,000 psi, our bolt far surpasses OEM specs (as well as other manufactures) in both strength and wearability.
  • We employ stainless steel for the integral engine nuts and slider support, not unlike the high-strength engine bolts used by Ducati race teams. Corrosion resistant and strain-hardened stainless steel is ideal for the crucial applications of holding your motor in, supporting the entire chassis, and providing a reliable platform for the actual slider.
  • SpeedyMoto uses High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) plastic for the slider puck. Unlike other plastics, the unbelievably low friction coefficient of this plastic makes it practically glide on the pavement. By using this material the risk of ‘grabbing’ is reduced, avoiding turning a smooth lowside into the dreaded catastrophic highside.

fits 03 current 749s 749r 999 999s 999r

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