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Woodcraft Dual Temp Tire Warmers- With Duffle Bag


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Woodcraft has been proudly selling the Tire Bakers tire warmers for several years.  During this time we have learned a lot about tire warmers, what makes them good, and what can make them better.  We worked on these warmers for 18 months to come up with what we feel are the best warmers ever offered.
nNew Key Features
n•  Even Heat Distribution – We came up with an all new small gap heating element that leaves smaller spaces between the coils, ensuring that the whole tire is heated evenly.
n•    Great Insulation – Our new insulation is both thinner & has greater heat retention than ever before.
n•    Side Curtains – Much of the heat loss when warming up comes when wind cools the tire from the edge.  Our new side curtains not only shield the tire from the wind but also importantly help retain heat so that the whole rim warms up.
n•    Easy to install / remove – A large, 1 piece velcro strap secures the warmer to the tire with no hooks or cords getting in the way.
n•    Durable – We used only the best components and subjected all internal connections to rigorous tension tests to be sure these warmers are built to last.
n•    Easy to use durable controls – Pick your tire temp with the flick of a switch and warmer’s display light lets you know it’s producing heat.
n•    Free duffel bag carry case with every set
nThe dual temp switch lets you easily select the warm (130-140F) or hot (170-180F) setting.
nOur testers loved the simplicity of the operation of this new, lower profile unit and there was universal applause for the thinner design which made installation a snap.
nYou’ll especially appreciate the safety disconnect cord, which cuts power to the warmer as soon as you take it off – almost every one of our testers knew someone who had burned up a set of warmers when they were in a hurry to hit the track.

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