Commonwealth Loyalty Points

What it is

Commonwealth Loyalty Points (aka “CP Points”) is our premium rewards program designed to give back to our loyal customers.
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How it works
First you must register for an account on our ecommerce store and become a member. Once registered, you will receive an email informing you about how to redeem points. You will occasionally receive emails announcing new products and/or special rewards (for example: a chance to earn double and triple points).
Once you register for an account you will receive 10 free points. Each member can only register once, and your account is linked to your email and shipping address.
You will receive CP points for every purchase that you make, and each product is marked with its point value. The minimum value is 5 points per $100 spent, or proportional to any part thereof.
These points can be redeemed on any
subsequent purchase. There is NO LIMIT to how many points you can earn. No points will be earned for tax or shipping charges.

How To Use Your Points
You can see how many CP points you have at any time by simply signing into your account. When you make a purchase, your available CP points will be visible at check out. You can select to apply these points to your order. Remember: you can only use points that have been acquired through previous purchases.

Additional details
  • CP points cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • CP points will never expire.
  • CP points cannot be transferred between accounts.
  • The CP points program can be modified at any time, if required by law, our suppliers, or our discretion.
  • CP points can only be redeemed by purchasing products online.


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