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May 12, 2022
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Ducati Ducati Corse C6 Leather Jacket


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Top performance with the unique Ducati Corse C6 jacket designed by Aldo Drudi and manufactured by Dainese exclusively for Ducati. This garment focuses on both performance and aesthetics, thanks to the recall of the colors used on the fairing of the Ducati racing in the queen Moto GP class. Just like on the motorbike, the Ducati Corse C6 jacket features a gusset, where the combination of burgundy red, neon red and black further enhance the powerful and bold Ducati red. The outside is made of supple cowhide in order to ensure high abrasion and tear resistance, whilst the sweat-proof and hypoallergenic fixed lining made of Nanofeel® and 3D bubble, helps maintain a constant temperature. The jacket also features interchangeable aluminum plates on the shoulders and composite protectors on the elbows, and also comes ready for use with a back protector. Excellent fit thanks to S1 fabric details on the armhole and micro-elastic inserts on the back, plus maximum comfort thanks to the zip, which allows the jacket to be paired with all the trousers in the collection. Available in men’s fit only, there are three perforated and non-perforated versions with different color combinations and different color balances. Pure sporting DNA that makes sure you never go unnoticed!

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