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May 25, 2018

Woodcraft Ducati Clutch Cover


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This Woodcraft cover is carefully thought out….. it has large vents on the back side of the cover in order to allow your clutch to run cooler and last longer, and a solid front side to protect the clutch from flying road debris. This beauty comes complete with the trademark Woodcraft removable skid pad of your choice, and weighs a mere 12 oz. all complete.

60-0640RA Ducati Clutch Cover Black: Skid Pad, Natural Aluminum Double Thick
60-0640RB Ducati Clutch Cover Black: Skid Pad, Black Double Thick Aluminum
60-0640RC Ducati Clutch Cover Black: Skid Pad, Blue Aluminum Pad
60-0640RR Ducati Clutch Cover Black: Skid Pad, Red Double Thick Aluminum
60-0640RS Ducati Clutch Cover Black: Skid Pad, Stainless Pad

*Replacemens stainless steel and aluminum skid pads are available below. The replaceable skid pad will keep your cover looking good for a long time.  The stainless steel is more abrasion resistant than the aluminum, and adds life to all the Woodcraft covers.  The thinner stainless pads also offer the most ground clearance for track-bound motorcycles.  All replacement pads come with a new hardware kit that includes three mounting bolts with new o-rings. Note that stainless steel skid pad will replace engine cover part numbers ending in: 0247R/RB.

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Clutch Cover

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